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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

This project uses towncrier for keeping the changelog. DO NOT commit any changes to this file.

1.6.0 - 2024-06-01


  • Add install-all command to install packages according to spec metadata file. (#687)
  • Introduce pipx pin and pipx unpin commands, which can be used to pin or unpin the version of an installed package, so it will not be upgraded by pipx upgrade or pipx upgrade-all. (#891)
  • Add a new option --pinned to pipx list command for listing pinned packages only. (#891)
  • Add pipx interpreter upgrade command to upgrade local standalone python in micro/patch level (#1249)
  • Add --requirement option to inject command to read list of packages from a text file. (#1252)
  • Add pipx upgrade-shared command, to create/upgrade shared libraries as a standalone command. (#1316)
  • Allow upgrade command to accept multiple packages as arguments. (#1336)
  • Support Python version for --python arg when py launcher is not available (#1342)
  • Make install-all gather errors in batch (#1348)


  • Resolve the DEFAULT_PYTHON to the actual absolute path (#965)
  • Fix error log overwrite for "-all" batch operations. (#1132)
  • Do not reinstall already injected packages without --force being passed. (#1300)
  • Only show --python and --force flag warning if both flags are present (#1304)
  • Don't allow paths to be passed into pipx reinstall, as this might wreak havoc. (#1324)
  • Make the Python venv module arguments work with upgrade --install (#1344)
  • Fix version check for standalone python (#1349)
  • Validate package(s) argument should not be path(s). (#1354)
  • Validate whether a package is an URL correctly. (#1355)
  • Support python3.8 for standalone python builds (#1375)
  • Install specified version of --preinstall dependency instead of latest version (#1377)
  • Move --global option into shared parser, such that it can be passed after the subcommand, for example pipx ensurepath --global. (#1397)
  • Fix discovery of a pipx run entry point if a local path was given as package. (#1422)

Improved Documentation

  • Create a dedicated section for manual pages and add an example with pdm-backend. (#1312)
  • Add example, test and cli help description how to install multiple packages with the --preinstall flag (#1321)
  • Refine docs generation script and template. (#1325)
  • Add a note about sourcing the shell config file for ensure_path (#1346)

1.5.0 - 2024-03-29


  • Add --global option to pipx commands.
    • This will run the action in a global scope and affect environment for all system users. (#754)
  • Add a --fetch-missing-python flag to all commands that accept a --python flag.
    • When combined, this will automatically download a standalone copy of the requested python version if it's not already available on the user's system. (#1242)
  • Add commands to list and prune standalone interpreters (#1248)
  • Revert platform-specific directories on MacOS and Windows
    • They were leading to a lot of issues with Windows sandboxing and spaces in shebangs on MacOS. (#1257)
  • Add --install option to pipx upgrade command.
    • This will install the package given as argument if it is not already installed. (#1262)


  • Correctly resolve home directory in pipx directory environment variables. (#94)
  • Pass through pip arguments when upgrading shared libraries. (#964)
  • Fix installation issues when files in the working directory interfere with venv creation process. (#1091)
  • Report correct filename in tracebacks with pipx run <scriptname> (#1191)
  • Let self-managed pipx uninstall itself on windows again. (#1203)
  • Fix path resolution for python executables looked up in PATH on windows. (#1205)
  • Display help message when pipx install is run without arguments. (#1266)
  • Fix crashes due to superfluous -q flags by discarding exceeding values (#1283)

Improved Documentation

  • Update the completion instructions for zipapp users. (#1072)
  • Update the example for running scripts with dependencies. (#1227)
  • Update the docs for package developers on the use of configuration using pyproject.toml (#1229)
  • Add installation instructions for Fedora (#1239)
  • Update the examples for installation from local dir (#1277)
  • Fix inconsistent wording in pipx install command description. (#1307)

Deprecations and Removals

  • Deprecate --skip-maintenance flag of pipx list; maintenance is now never executed there (#1256)


1.4.3 - 2024-01-16


  • Autofix python version for pylauncher, when version is provided prefixed with python (#1150)
  • Support building pipx wheels with setuptools-scm<7, such as on FreeBSD. (#1208)

Improved Documentation

  • Provide useful error messages when unresolvable python version is passed (#1150)
  • Introduce towncrier for managing the changelog (#1161)
  • Add workaround for using pipx applications in shebang under macOS (#1198)



  • Allow skipping maintenance tasks during list command
  • Raise more user friendly error when provided --python version is not found
  • Update pipx run on scripts using /// script and no run table following the updated version of PEP 723 (#1180)


  • Include tomli into pipx.pyz (zipapp) so that it can be executed with Python 3.10 or earlier (#1142)
  • Fix resolving the python executable path on linux
  • pipx run: Verify whether the script name provided is a file before running it
  • Avoid repeated exception logging in a few rare cases (#1192)



  • Set default logging level to WARNING, so debug log messages won't be shown without passing additional flags such as --verbose



  • Add --quiet and --verbose options for the pipx subcommands
  • Add ability to install multiple packages at once
  • Delete directories directly instead of spawning rmdir on Windows

Improved Documentation

  • Add Scoop installation instructions


  • "Failed to delete" error when using Microsoft Store Python
  • "No pyvenv.cfg file" error when using Microsoft Store Python (#1164)


Improved Documentation

  • Make the logo more visible in dark mode



  • The project version number is now dynamic and generated from the VCS at build time

Improved Documentation

  • Add additional example for --pip-args option, to docs/



  • Fix combining of --editable and --force flag



  • Allow running pip with pipx run
  • Add --with-suffix for pipx inject command
  • pipx install: emit a warning when --force and --python were passed at the same time
  • Add explicit 3.12 support
  • Make usage message in pipx run show package_or_url, so extra will be printed out as well
  • Use the py launcher, if available, to select Python version with the --python option
  • add pre-commit hook support
  • Add pipx install --preinstall to support preinstalling build requirements
  • Return an error message when directory can't be added to PATH successfully
  • Expose manual pages included in an application installed with pipx install
  • Check whether pip module exists in shared lib before performing any actions, such as reinstall-all.
  • Drop setuptools and wheel from the shared libraries. This results in less time consumption when the libraries are automatically upgraded.
  • Support inline script metadata in pipx run.
  • Imply --include-apps when running pipx inject --include-deps
  • Add --force-reinstall to pip arguments when --force was passed
  • Support including requirements in scripts run using pipx run (#916)
  • Pass pip_args to shared_libs.upgrade()
  • Fallback to user's log path if the default log path ($PIPX_HOME/logs) is not writable to aid with pipx being used for multi-user (e.g. system-wide) installs of applications
  • Don't show escaped backslashes for paths in console output
  • Move pipx paths to ensure compatibility with the platform-specific user directories
  • Pass --no-input to pip when output is not piped to parent stdout
  • Print all environment variables in pipx environment

Improved Documentation

  • Add more examples for pipx run
  • Add subsection to make README easier to read

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop support for Python 3.7


  • Fix wrong interpreter usage when injecting local pip-installable dependencies into venvs
  • Fix program name in generated manual page



  • Fix compatibility to packaging 23.2+ by removing reliance on packaging's requirement validation logic and detecting a URL-based requirement in pipx. (#1070)



  • Add pipx uninject command (#820)
  • Ship a zipapp of pipx
  • Match pip's behaviour when package name ends with archive extension (treat it as a path)
  • Change the program name to path/to/python -m pipx when running as python -m pipx
  • Improve the detection logic for MSYS2 to avoid entering infinite loop (#908) (#938)
  • Remove extra trailing quote from exception message
  • Fix EncodingWarning in pipx_metadata_file.

Improved Documentation

  • Add an example for installation from source with extras
  • Fix pipx run examples and update Python versions used by pipx install examples


  • Add test for pip module in pipx reinstall to fix an issue with pipx reinstall-all (#935)



  • Add pipx environment command (#793)
  • Add list --short option to list only package names (#804)
  • Improve the behaviour of shlex.split on Windows, so paths on Windows can be handled properly when they are passed in --pip-args. (#794)
  • [dev] Change github action job names
  • Add additional examples for installation from git repos
  • [packaging] Switch to PEP 621
  • Add a CACHEDIR.TAG to the cache directory to prevent it from being included in archives and backups. For more information about cache directory tags, see


  • Fix encoding issue on Windows when pip fails to install a package

Improved Documentation



  • Support argcomplete 2.0.0 (#790)
  • Include machinery to build a manpage for pipx with argparse-manpage.
  • Add better handling for 'app not found' when a single app is present in the project, and an improved error message (#733)


  • Fixed animations sending output to stdout, which can break JSON output. (#769)
  • Fix typo in pipx upgrade-all output


  • Support pipx run with version constraints and extras. (#697)


  • Fixed pipx list output phrasing to convey that python version displayed is the one with which package was installed.
  • Fixed pipx install to provide return code 0 if venv already exists, similar to pip’s behavior. (#736)
  • [docs] Update ansible's install command in Programs to Try document to work with Ansible 2.10+ (#742)


  • Fix to pipx ensurepath to fix behavior in user locales other than UTF-8, to fix #644. The internal change is to use userpath v1.6.0 or greater. (#700)
  • Fix virtual environment inspection for Python releases that uses an int for its release serial number. (#706)
  • Fix PermissionError in windows when pipx manages itself. (#718)


  • Organization: pipx is extremely pleased to now be a project of the Python Packaging Authority (PyPA)! Note that our github URL has changed to pypa/pipx
  • Fixed pipx list --json to return valid json with no venvs installed. Previously would return an empty string to stdout. (#681)
  • Changed pipx ensurepath bash behavior so that only one of {~/.profile, ~/.bash\_profile} is modified with the extra pipx paths, not both. Previously, if a .bash_profile file was created where one didn't exist, it could cause problems, e.g. #456. The internal change is to use userpath v1.5.0 or greater. (#684)
  • Changed default nox tests, Github Workflow tests, and pytest behavior to use local pypi server with fixed lists of available packages. This allows greater test isolation (no network pypi access needed) and determinism (fixed available dependencies.) It also allows running the tests offline with some extra preparation beforehand (See Running Unit Tests Offline). The old style tests that use the internet to access are still available using nox -s tests_internet or pytest --net-pypiserver tests. (#686)

  • Colorama is now only installed on Windows. (#691)

  • Changed non-venv-info warnings and notices from pipx list to print to stderr. This especially prevents pipx list --json from printing invalid json to stdout. (#680)
  • Fixed bug that could cause uninstall on Windows with injected packages to uninstall too many apps from the local binary directory. (#679)

  • Fixed bug #670 where uninstalling a venv could erroneously uninstall other apps from the local binary directory. (#672)
  • Added --json switch to pipx list to output rich json-metadata for all venvs.
  • Ensured log files are utf-8 encoded to prevent Unicode encoding errors from occurring with emojis. (#646)
  • Fixed issue which made pipx incorrectly list apps as part of a venv when they were not installed by pipx. (#650)
  • Fixed old regression that would prevent pipx uninstall from cleaning up linked binaries if the venv was old and did not have pipx metadata. (#651)
  • Fixed bugs with suffixed-venvs on Windows. Now properly summarizes install, and actually uninstalls associated binaries for suffixed-venvs. (#653)
  • Changed venv minimum python version to 3.6, removing python 3.5 which is End of Life. (#666)

  • Introduce the entry point group as an alternative way to declare an application for pipx run.
  • Fix cursor show/hide to work with older versions of Windows. (#610)
  • Support text colors on Windows. (#612)
  • Better platform unicode detection to avoid errors and allow showing emojis when possible. (#614)
  • Don't emit show cursor or hide cursor codes if STDERR is not a tty. (#620)
  • Sped up pipx list (#624).
  • pip errors no longer stream to the shell when pip fails during a pipx install. pip's output is now saved to a log file. In the shell, pipx will tell you the location of the log file and attempt to summarize why pip failed. (#625)
  • For reinstall-all, fixed bug where missing python executable would cause error. (#634)
  • Fix regression which prevented pipx from working with pythonloc (and __pypackages__ folder). (#636)

  • New venv inspection! The code that pipx uses to examine and determine metadata in an installed venv has been made faster, better, and more reliable. It now uses modern python libraries like packaging and importlib.metadata to examine installed venvs. It also now properly handles installed package extras. In addition, some problems pipx has had with certain characters (like periods) in package names should be remedied.
  • Added reinstall command for reinstalling a single venv.
  • Changed pipx run on non-Windows systems to actually replace pipx process with the app process instead of running it as a subprocess. (Now using python's os.exec*)
  • [bugfix] Fixed bug with reinstall-all command when package have been installed using a specifier. Now the initial specifier is used.
  • [bugfix] Override display of PIPX_DEFAULT_PYTHON value when generating web documentation for pipx install #523
  • [bugfix] Wrap help documentation for environment variables.
  • [bugfix] Fixed uninstall crash that could happen on Windows for certain packages
  • [feature] Venv package name arguments now do not have to match exactly as pipx has them stored, but can be specified in any python-package-name-equivalent way. (i.e. case does not matter, and ., -, _ characters are interchangeable.)
  • [change] Venvs with a suffix: A suffix can contain any characters, but for purposes of uniqueness, python package name rules apply--upper- and lower-case letters are equivalent, and any number of ., -, or _ characters in a row are equivalent. (e.g. if you have a suffixed venv pylint_1.0A you could not add another suffixed venv called pylint--1-0a, as it would not be a unique name.)
  • [implementation detail] Pipx shared libraries (providing pip, setuptools, wheel to pipx) are no longer installed using pip arguments taken from the last regular pipx install. If you need to apply pip arguments to pipx's use of pip for its internal shared libraries, use PIP_* environment variables.
  • [feature] Autocomplete for venv names is no longer restricted to an exact match to the literal venv name, but will autocomplete any logically-similar python package name (i.e. case does not matter, and ., -, _ characters are all equivalent.)
  • pipx now reinstall its internal shared libraries when the user executes reinstall-all.
  • Made sure shell exit codes from every pipx command are correct. In the past some (like from pipx upgrade) were wrong. The exit code from pipx runpip is now the exit code from the pip command run. The exit code from pipx list will be 1 if one or more venvs have problems that need to be addressed.
  • pipx now writes a log file for each pipx command executed to $PIPX_HOME/logs, typically ~/.local/pipx/logs. pipx keeps the most recent 10 logs and deletes others.
  • pipx upgrade and pipx upgrade-all now have a --upgrade-injected option which directs pipx to also upgrade injected packages.
  • pipx list now detects, identifies, and suggests a remedy for venvs with old-internal data (internal venv names) that need to be updated.
  • Added a "Troubleshooting" page to the pipx web documentation for common problems pipx users may encounter.
  • pipx error, warning, and other messages now word-wrap so words are not split across lines. Their appearance is also now more consistent.

  • [docs] Update license
  • [docs] Display a more idiomatic command for registering completions on fish.
  • [bugfix] Fixed regression in list, inject, upgrade, reinstall-all commands when suffixed packages are used.
  • [bugfix] Do not reset package url during upgrade when main package is pipx
  • Updated help text to show description for ensurepath and completions help
  • Added support for user-defined default python interpreter via new PIPX_DEFAULT_PYTHON. Helpful for use with pyenv among other uses.
  • [bugfix] Fixed bug where extras were ignored with a PEP 508 package specification with a URL.

  • [bugfix] Fixed regression of which erroneously made installing from a local path with package extras not possible.

  • pipx now parses package specification before install. It removes (with warning) the --editable install option for any package specification that is not a local path. It also removes (with warning) any environment markers.
  • Disabled animation when we cannot determine terminal size or if the number of columns is too small. (Fixes #444)
  • [feature] Version of each injected package is now listed after name for pipx list --include-injected
  • Change metadata recorded from version-specified install to allow upgrades in future. Adds pipx dependency on packaging package.
  • [bugfix] Prevent python error in case where package has no pipx metadata and advise user how to fix.
  • [feature] ensurepath now also ensures that pip user binary path containing pipx itself is in user's PATH if pipx was installed using pip install --user.
  • [bugfix] For pipx install, fixed failure to install if user has PIP_USER=1 or user=true in pip.conf. (#110)
  • [bugfix] Requiring userpath v1.4.1 or later so ensure Windows bug is fixed for ensurepath (#437)
  • [feature] log pipx version (#423)
  • [feature] --suffix option for install to allow multiple versions of same tool to be installed (#445)
  • [feature] pipx can now be used with the Windows embeddable Python distribution

  • [feature] list now has a new option --include-injected to show the injected packages in the main apps
  • [bugfix] Fixed bug that can cause crash when installing an app

  • [bugfix] Workaround multiprocessing issues on certain platforms (#229)

  • [feature] Use symlinks on Windows when symlinks are available

  • [bugfix] Improved error reporting during venv metadata inspection.
  • [bugfix] Fixed incompatibility with pypy as venv interpreter (#372).
  • [bugfix] Replaced implicit dependency on setuptools with an explicit dependency on packaging (#339).
  • [bugfix] Continue reinstalling packages after failure
  • [bugfix] Hide cursor while pipx runs
  • [feature] Add environment variable USE_EMOJI to allow enabling/disabling emojis (#376)
  • [refactor] Moved all commands to separate files within the commands module (#255).
  • [bugfix] Ignore system shared libraries when installing shared libraries pip, wheel, and setuptools. This also fixes an incompatibility with Debian/Ubuntu's version of pip (#386).

  • [bugfix] On Windows, pipx now lists correct Windows apps (#217)
  • [bugfix] Fixed a pipx install bug causing incorrect python binary to be used when using the optional --python argument in certain situations, such as running pipx from a Framework python on macOS and specifying a non-Framework python.

  • [bugfix] Fix recursive search of dependencies' apps so no apps are missed.
  • upgrade-all now skips editable packages, because pip disallows upgrading editable packages.

  • [bugfix] fix regression that caused installing with --editable flag to fail package name determination.

  • Add Python 3.8 to PyPI classifier and travis test matrix
  • [feature] auto-upgrade shared libraries, including pip, if older than one month. Hide all pip warnings that a new version is available. (#264)
  • [bugfix] pass pip arguments to pip when determining package name (#320)

Upgrade instructions: When upgrading to or above from a pre- version, you must re-install all packages to take advantage of the new persistent pipx metadata files introduced in this release. These metadata files store pip specification values, injected packages, any custom pip arguments, and more in each main package's venv. You can do this by running pipx reinstall-all or pipx uninstall-all, then reinstalling manually.

  • install now has no --spec option. You may specify any valid pip specification for install's main argument.
  • inject will now accept pip specifications for dependency arguments
  • Metadata is now stored for each application installed, including install options like --spec, and injected packages. This information allows upgrade, upgrade-all and reinstall-all to work properly even with non-pypi installed packages. (#222)
  • upgrade options --spec and --include-deps were removed. Pipx now uses the original options used to install each application instead. (#222)
  • upgrade-all options --include-deps, --system-site-packages, --index-url, --editable, and --pip-args were removed. Pipx now uses the original options used to install each application instead. (#222)
  • reinstall-all options --include-deps, --system-site-packages, --index-url, --editable, and --pip-args were removed. Pipx now uses the original options used to install each application instead. (#222)
  • Handle missing interpreters more gracefully (#146)
  • Change reinstall-all to use system python by default for apps. Now use --python option to specify a different python version.
  • Remove the PYTHONPATH environment variable when executing any command to prevent conflicts between pipx dependencies and package dependencies when pipx is installed via homebrew. Homebrew can use PYTHONPATH manipulation instead of virtual environments. (#233)
  • Add printed summary after successful call to pipx inject
  • Support associating apps with Python 3.5
  • Improvements to animation status text
  • Make --python argument in reinstall-all command optional
  • Use threads on OS's without support for semaphores
  • Stricter parsing when passing -- argument as delimiter

  • Speed up operations by using shared venv for pip, setuptools, and wheel. You can see more detail in the 'how pipx works' section of the documentation. (#164, @pfmoore)
  • Breaking change: for the inject command, change --include-binaries to --include-apps
  • Change all terminology from binary to app or application
  • Improve argument parsing for pipx run and pipx runpip
  • If --force is passed, remove existing files in PIPX_BIN_DIR
  • Move animation to start of line, hide cursor when animating

  • Fix regression when installing a package that doesn't have any entry points

  • Remove unnecessary and sometimes incorrect check after pipx inject (#195)
  • Make status text/animation reliably disappear before continuing
  • Update animation symbols

  • Remove virtual environment if installation did not complete. For example, if it was interrupted by ctrl+c or if an exception occurred for any reason. (#193)

  • Add shell autocompletion. Also add pipx completions command to print instructions on how to add pipx completions to your shell.
  • Un-deprecate ensurepath. Use userpath internally instead of instructing users to run the userpath cli command.
  • Improve detection of PIPX_BIN_DIR not being on PATH
  • Improve error message when an existing symlink exists in PIPX_BIN_DIR and points to the wrong location
  • Improve handling of unexpected files in PIPX_HOME (@uranusjr)
  • swap out of order logic in order to correctly recommend --include-deps (@joshuarli)
  • [dev] Migrate from tox to nox

  • Do not raise bare exception if no binaries found (#150)
  • Update pipsi migration script

  • Deprecate ensurepath command. Use userpath append ~/.local/bin
  • Support redirects and proxies when downloading python files (i.e. pipx run http://url/
  • Use tox for document generation and CI testing (CI tests are now functional rather than static tests on style and formatting!)
  • Use mkdocs for documentation
  • Change default cache duration for pipx run from 2 to 14 days

  • Fix upgrade-all and reinstall-all regression

  • Add runpip command to run arbitrary pip commands in pipx-managed virtual environments
  • Do not raise error when running pipx install PACKAGE and the package has already been installed by pipx (#125). This is the cause of the major version change from 0.12 to 0.13.
  • Add --skip argument to upgrade-all and reinstall-all commands, to let the user skip particular packages

  • Update logic in determining a package's binaries during installation. This removes spurious binaries from the installation. (#104)
  • Improve compatibility with Debian distributions by using shutil.which instead of distutils.spawn.find_executable (#102)

  • Fix infinite recursion error when installing package such as cloudtoken==0.1.84 (#103)
  • Fix windows type errors (#96, #98)

  • Fix "WindowsPath is not iterable" bug

  • Add --include-deps argument to include binaries of dependent packages when installing with pipx. This improves compatibility with packages that depend on other installed packages, such as jupyter.
  • Speed up pipx list output (by running multiple processes in parallel) and by collecting all metadata in a single subprocess call
  • More aggressive cache directory removal when --no-cache is passed to pipx run
  • [dev] Move inline text passed to subprocess calls to their own files to enable autoformatting, linting, unit testing

  • Add support for PEP 582's __pypackages__ (experimental). pipx run BINARY will first search in __pypackages__ for binary, then fallback to installing from PyPI. pipx run --pypackages BINARY will raise an error if the binary is not found in __pypackages__.
  • Fix regression when installing with --editable flag (#93)
  • [dev] improve unit tests

  • Cache and reuse temporary Virtual Environments created with pipx run (#61)
  • Update binary discovery logic to find "scripts" like awscli (#91)
  • Forward --pip-args to the pip upgrade command (previously the args were forwarded to install/upgrade commands for packages) (#77)
  • When using environment variable PIPX_HOME, Virtual Environments will now be created at $PIPX_HOME/venvs rather than at $PIPX_HOME.
  • [dev] refactor into multiple files, add more unit tests

  • Fix parsing bug in pipx run

  • list python2 as supported language so that pip installs with python2 will no longer install the pipx on PyPI from the original pipx owner. Running pipx with python2 will fail, but at least it will not be as confusing as running the pipx package from the original owner.

  • forward arguments to run command correctly #90

  • stop using unverified context #89

  • Change installation instructions to use pipx PyPI name
  • Add ensurepath command

  • add version argument parsing back in (fixes regression)

  • add version check, command check, fix printed version update installation instructions

  • Replace pipx BINARY with pipx run BINARY to run a binary in an ephemeral environment. This is a breaking API change so the major version has been incremented. (Issue #69)
  • upgrade pip when upgrading packages (Issue #72)
  • support --system-site-packages flag (Issue #64)

  • Fix version printed when pipx --version is run

  • Add --index-url, --editable, and --pip-args flags
  • Updated README with pipsi migration instructions

  • Display python version in list
  • Do not reinstall package if already installed (added --force flag to override)
  • When upgrading all packages, print message only when package is updated
  • Avoid accidental execution of pipx.main